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Image by Ant Rozetsky


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Traditional paints and coatings are made up of large molecules. As a result, dirt, water, and organisms can enter through the gaps in the paint coating, and erode the surface. Nanoengineered paints are densely packed with robust nano-molecules, and act as an anti-penetrative barrier, thus preserving the integrity of the painted surface for a longer duration.


Nanocomps Nanotechnology paints and coatings use natural ingredients, for a truly sustainable future. They do not contain any harsh chemicals, yet deliver performance that outlives traditional paints and coatings by a factor of 300%. They are longer-lasting and perform to exact functional specifications, which means less painting, less expense, and better air quality. Their UV and bacterial-resistant properties, dirt and water-repellant properties, along with an extremely long lifespan, makes them a highly sustainable solution.

By default, nanotechnology involves nanoparticles plugging all empty spaces and atomic crevices. This makes the surfaces extremely hygienic, by not allowing any deposits or formation of infectious matter.

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