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Nano-Composite Composite Products


Nanocomposites are those composites in which one phase has nanoscale morphology like nanoparticles, nanotubes, or lamellar nanostructure. They have multi phases, and so are multiphasic materials, at least of the phases should have dimensions in the range of 10–100 nm. Nanoparticles, nanorods, nanofibers, and carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are examples of discrete inorganic units of nanocomposite materials. A nanocomposite can show a synergistic property that is not present in the individual component.


The result of the addition of nanoparticles is a drastic improvement in properties that can include mechanical strength, toughness, and electrical or thermal conductivity. The rapid estimated demand for these striking potentially advanced materials makes them very much useful in various industries ranging from small-scale to large to very large manufacturing units. With a great deal to mankind with environmentally friendly, these offer advanced technologies in addition to the enhanced business opportunities to several industrial sectors like automobile, construction, electronics and electrical, food packaging, and technology transfer.

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