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Nano Composite

Nano-Composite Bullet Resistant Glass


Nanocomps provides next-generation bullet-resistant glass solutions for various critical security applications. They are a unique combination of glass, polycarbonate, and enhanced chemical layer manufactured using the latest technology. Each product is certified as per international standards like EN1063 and NIJ 01.08.01. They offer transparency in excess of 70%.


Each product undergoes a well-defined and thorough process of lamination, curation, finishing, and inspection to ensure high-quality outcomes compliant with international standards. The specialized combination of polycarbonate and glass ensures zero splintering/spalling which safeguards the back area from high-velocity projectiles. Our knowledge of lamination and safety glass has benefitted us in creating Bullet-Resistant Glass products with minimal thickness and weight as well as long durability. We ensure that properties of glass-like transparency are retained.

Tested for all types of weather, our product is sustainable under adverse conditions and ready to be used across land, marine and aerial applications.

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