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Nano Composite ULTRA-LIGHT SANDWICH Panels

Nano-Composite Ultra-Light Sandwich Panels


Nanocomps Ultra-Light Weight Nanocomposite (ULWN) design is a technology geared toward body and flooring applications in large trailer systems but can be applied to platforms or load-carrying structures. In applications such as the Automotive, Aerospace industry and shipping industry where weight saving is crucial to the performance of the structure, Ultralight weight nanocomposite sandwich technology with a load bearing core structure. The particular nanocomposite sandwich structure is revolutionary because it combines a nano reinforcement in a core and face material which contributes to the bending stiffness as compared to a common sandwich structure with a core material of honeycomb, wood, or foam which does not contribute to bending resistance. The bonding and joining issues of a core and faceplates has been solved by the nano level reinforcement of panel geometry and nano filler dispersed adhesive bonding.

The ULWN panels are characterized by a particularly low weight with the highest technical characteristics. Design of ULWN panels is thus particularly suitable for the construction of load-optimized vehicles and other structural applications. Tailor-made solutions for emergency vehicles, event vehicles, campers and truck superstructures for special applications are key strengths for ULWN panels. The ULWN panels are found suitable for many applications, one such application is favoured for courier, parcel and express services trucks as well as for similar vehicles (roof / wall / floor). These ULWN panels can also be tailor made design to resist bullet and blast in various levels.

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