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Nano Composite

Nano-Composite Rebars


Glass Fibre Reinforced Bars (GFRB) are advanced material for the replacement to classic steel and ideal substitute with a wide application in reinforcement technology as well as other related building sectors. For composite rebars, there is no need to apply any anticorrosive coating on steel reinforced bars, which is a very expensive process resulting in investment losses. GFRB is an alternative to traditional steel bars for concrete reinforcement. It is a new innovative and more economical technology, as it does not require expensive maintenance and repairs after a long time of use as in the case of reinforced concrete structures


Unique features of CFRB:

  • Decrease of the weight of a structure by use of a smaller diameter of GFRB, which are characterised by 2-3 times greater tensile strength than steel rebars.

  • Decrease of thickness of concrete, which reduces costs of embedding, transport and stocking of bars at a construction site

  • Reasonable savings as compared to steel reinforcement, owing to larger distances between bars

  • Decrease in costs owing to easy machining and possible use in cut and drilled elements

  • Resistance of difficult atmospheric conditions and increased durability owing to high chemical and corrosive resistance

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