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Nanocomposites are materials that incorporate nanosized particles into polymer matrix of composite materials and act as nano level secondary reinforcement. The result of the addition of nanoparticles is a drastic improvement in properties that can include mechanical strength, toughness and electrical or thermal conductivity. The selection of nano particle is according to the property improvement expected in composite materials. The effectiveness of the nanoparticles is such that the amount of material added is normally only between 0.5 to 5% by weight. Nanoparticles have an extremely high surface to volume ratio which dramatically changes their properties when compared with their bulk sized equivalent materials. It also changes the way in which the nanoparticles bond with the bulk material. The result is that the composite can be many times improved with respect to the component parts. There is no limit for application range for nanocomposites. Energy absorbed by the bullet resistance nanocomposite panels is such example of nanocomposites. The high surface area between nano particles and polymer matrix enhances the dissipation of bullet kinetic energy to stop penetration into nano composite bullet resisting panels.

All the Ballistic Resistance Panels of our Company are Custom made with ratings 1-8 to fit your security needs and tested as per international standard as below.

  1. UL 752 Rating Level 01

  2. UL 752 Rating Level 02

  3. UL 752 Rating Level 03

  4. UL 752 Rating Level 04

  5. UL 752 Rating Level 05

  6. UL 752 Rating Level 06

  7. UL 752 Rating Level 07

  8. UL 752 Rating Level 08

 BR Panel Sizes: As per Customers requirement

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